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Helixturca is the first snail farm of Turkey having reproduction unit. Our farm is located in Izmir province where is the motherland of Helix family. Our location is away from city where the pure air and suitable climate conditions enable us for healthy farming. 
 We brought our reproduction Helix Aspersa mothers from a farm in EU for breeding  this specie as free from impurities on contrary to the snails collected from nature. Our snails are not only nourished with natural vegetation and food in their motherland but also raised in a controlled system in order to comply with human consumption.  Reproduction and nursery are performed indoor and fattening is outdoor to produce  edible snails in high capacity.
We are not only the breeder of snails in our 12.000 m2 land for this year but also we are the manufacturer of snail eggs and baby snails in requested quantity.




    Our company Ataymer mining industry and Trade Limited has official Facebook and Instagram accounts In its pages, shares are made about our commercial activities for the production and trade of land snails in accordance with the relevant permits and project approvals of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Ministry of Health. The said production activity is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the legislation and the inspections of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Ministry of Health. During the production and sale of land snails abroad, obtaining raw materials for medical and cosmetic purposes from their secretions, no harm is done to the living beings and the said operations are carried out within the scope of the above-mentioned permits. In relation to the shares we have published on the above Instagram pages of our company via social media and whose intellectual property belongs to our company, the company's legal personality, the subject of business activity, the terms and conditions of the activity are outside the general etiquette and ethics, threatening, insulting, insulting content, religious framework, we respectfully declare and warn that our legal rights will be exercised against those who make similar comments in a way that enrages and enmities the public, and that both criminal proceedings and applications for loss of commercial reputation will be made before the relevant authorities.

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