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Dr. Helix Family Set


Dr.Including all of the Helix products, this set is designed to meet the skincare needs of the whole family. The set consists of Serum+Cream+Peeling+Face Wash Gel+Blemish Cream+Men’s Care Lotion and 4 Masks.

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Snail Extract Face Wash Gel

Dr. Helix Snail Extract Face Wash Gel is suitable for all skin types. Thoroughly washes the dirt and makeup residues that have piled up on the face over the day, ensuring proper hygiene. Soothes the skin and has a relaxing effect. Promotes cell growth, strengthens and moisturizes connective tissues, and softens your skin. Helps to give the skin a shine and a smooth appearance thanks to its ozone-supported component.

Use: Dr. In the morning and evening, lather Helix Snail Extract Face Wash Gel on moist skin in a circular motion. Wait a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly and gently dry. Designed to be used on a frequent basis.

Snail Extract Purifying Peeling

Thanks to the apricot kernel and clay contained in it, it cleanses the skin deeply and removes dead skin without irritation, giving it a more vibrant appearance. Snail egg extract, on the other hand, is the most significant element in the product since it repairs the skin, helps to remove blemishes and encourages the natural and healthy skin regeneration process. Contains hyaluronic acid, which helps to hydrate and tighten the skin while also preventing pore-clogging.

Use: Apply to a hydrated face and neck and gently massage in. Keep away from the eyes. After each usage, rinse well with lots of water. Regular and dry skin should use it once a week, while oily skin should use it twice a week.

Dr. Helix Snail Extract Repair Cream and Serum provide a healthy glow to your skin.

Helps to erase wrinkles, blemishes, and the effects of aging in a short time.

Thanks to Panthenol, ozone oil, aloe vera, and many supportive natural antioxidants and vitamins, in addition to the snail extract inside, Dr. Helix helps to remove wrinkles and blemishes, provides long-term moisturizing, smoothness, and a bright appearance to the skin.

Snail Extract Blemish Cream

In addition to the essence obtained from Helix Aspersa Muller snails grown with natural methods in our snail farm, its special ingredients formulated for spot treatment helps to remove skin blemishes and tone differences.

Aftershave Lotion

Dr. Helix care lotion is suitable for aftershave application.

It cares and moisturizes the skin. It helps to repair the skin after shaving.

It protects the skin layer and rejuvenates the skin with its anti-aging feature


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