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Dr. Helix Skin Cleansing Set – Wash Gel + 2 Masks


Two great products for those who care about skin cleansing. In addition to the wash gel for daily cleaning, 2 pieces of Snail Extract Paper Face Masks for weekly care

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Dr. Helix Snail Extract Face Wash Gel is suitable for all skin types.Thoroughly washes the dirt and makeup residues that have piled up on the face over the day, ensuring proper hygiene.Soothes the skin and has a relaxing effect. Promotes cell growth, strengthens and moisturizes connective tissues, and softens your skin. Helps to give the skin a shine and a smooth appearance thanks to its ozone-supported component.Use: Dr. Helix In the morning and evening, lather Helix Snail Extract Face Wash Gel on moist skin in a circular motion. Wait a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly and gently dry. Designed to be used on a frequent basis.


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